david devlin in bozeman had been having affair with multiple women for years

“what goes around,comes around”

david devlin had been having sex with multiple women for more than 10 years behind his wife’s back.

David Devlin in bozeman montana is a unfaithful husband

we decided to write about what he had been doing behind his wife’s back and other women so that no more victim woman will be in the future.
for women who were cheated by him for long years,the truth finally is giving them a comfort and freedom which they have not been felt for long times.
because for years,those women were deceived and lied to. there had been a time those women were struggling for simply seeking the truth from him.
it took long time for them to finally find out the whole truth since he was lying to women about having multiple sex partners and relationship.

when he was caught for cheating by one of the woman who had been a sex partner for years,he rather lied and said he doesn’t have anyone to have sex but her and tried to keep having affair going.

when women finally found out his lie,he made up the story that “one of his sex partner was a stalker and he was forced to have sex. she is a monster! she is a phycho” to make him look like he was forced to have sex by phycho.

“david devlin is a unfaithful husband who had been having extramarital sex for years”

he started to have relationship with woman back in 2008 and had her as his girlfriend for years till she found out he is married man with a child.

not only he was married,he had seeing another woman to have sexual relationship without protection.

while david devlin works as photographer and cinematographer,he had affair with a woman whom he met on set
which is not professional to have affair with coworker or worked in same setting.

when he was traveling for work,he invited woman to his hotel as tompson,standard,duane street hotel in NY,in LA,in virginia,philadelphia and so on.

when he was ill for treatment,he also invited them to hotel icon in houston and spent the night in same bed and had sex.

he also often stays over woman’s place and hold hands all night.

no matter what he tried to justify the reason he invited to those places, it is obvious that married man should not invite them to his hotel room and sleep with same bed and have sex behind his wife’s back.

he also emailed girlfriend one point that he had sex partner in 2003 when he worked in london on the set and even he told her sex partner’s name. he also told her that he used to have sex partner and he always wanted them to go away after while till he met her….(evidence is in another woman page in website)

despite what he said (that he wanted them to go away after a while), he tried to keep having sex with girlfriend and sex partner for a long time.

after one woman suspected he might had been cheating on her,she confronted him and asked him whether he had been having affair.

even after she had asked so many times about his affair with another woman ,he had always denied cheating on her and he told her that there is no one but her to have sex with and she was the only one…..he said he loves her….and kept having sex while he had girlfriend on the side.
couple of years past, he made mistake by writing email to her with another woman’s name ,that”s when she decided to contact this woman since she finally knows the name of woman. she successfully contacted her and found out another woman was actually his girlfriend for years.

david devlin denied having affair when his girlfriend confronted to him after she got email from his another woman. instead of coming clean, he told his girlfriend that another woman whom he had sex for years is a stalker ,monster,phycho who had been stalking him for years and he was forced to have sex with her because he felt trapped by her. she had has power over him personally and professionally and threatened to kill herself,so he was just trying to be kind.

he deceived those women to have sex with him by lying that they are the only one to have sex with is one thing. but after being confronted by girlfriend,making another woman as a stalker is very shocking heartless.

that is why we believe david devlin is a selfish man …..who could have sex with different women behind his wife’s back and those women.

while he had been having affair without protection,he made a woman pregnant ,….but he did not learn the lesson from that and kept having sex without protection with different woman.

he had sex partner in 2003 and had some sex partner after. then again in 2008,he was back having affair with different women and tried to have relationship despite he is a married man…..we believe he would have keep having affair as long as he doesn’t get caught the worst part is that he is a kind of man who can say bad things or lie about women whom he had relationship with for years. when his girlfriend found out his affair,he tells her that his sex partner was a stalker who had been stalking for years and he only had sex with her because he was threatened his life ,family and his girlfriend. he calls her monster and vile. ….that is heartless act ,very hurtful.

david devlin is a lier who cheated not only his wife but other multiple women for years and kept his affair secret from anyone else.